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Chinese Marriage Practices

Chinese http://psych.hanover.edu/research/Thesis10/Paige & Scott Final Paper.pdf marriage customs vary from family group to spouse and children. These range from religious opinions for the ages where individuals can easily marry. There are also differences in the sociable status at which one can marry.

Marriage customs are considered to be an important cultural phenomenon in China. This is because it helps produce more steady societies. It is also an important image of love and commitment.

Classic Chinese wedding ceremonies involve a couple of banquets over a number of days. One of the most lavish banquet is usually put on by the groom’s family. At the very minimum twelve courses is offered.

The most important ceremony of classic Chinese marriages is the 3 Bow Commemoration. This routine shows the newest couple’s commitment to each other. They bow to heaven, the planet and their parents.

Once the service is over, the couple will visit the reception together. At the reception, they shall be introduced to their international dating for chinese families. All their relatives will hot chinese girls supply them with gifts. Generally, meals and cakes are given towards the bride.


Another traditional ritual of a Chinese marriage ceremony is the tea ceremony. Tea is a symbol of unchanging love and loyalty. In ancient Cina, tea was obviously a necessity pertaining to the household.

Through the ceremony, the bride and groom kneel before the elders to supply them tea. They offer it to their parents and the bride’s parents.

Within the tea service, the groom’s parents will show the new bride with a surprise, usually a red envelope. Red symbolizes luck and prosperity.

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